The college logo symbolizes:

  • A boat is a metaphor for life where we overcome various obstacles, like a boat that must overcome waves, wind, rain, and sunlight to reach its destination, always reminding us that “life is a rollercoaster. “
  • The rays of the sun mean the light of hope and wisdom.
  • The motto of the college is “Knowledge and morality lead to a better life.”

The MP logo symbolizes:

  • The Olive bouquet is symbolic of triumph, advancing one’s own potential to the highest level, and becoming a sustainable global citizen.
  • MP is “Multilingual Program”, it refers to learning other languages is necessary for learners to distinguish themselves from others in their daily life and careers.

Sam’ Tech’s Philosophy: Knowledge and Morality lead to a better life

Knowledge– meaning the process of organizing teaching and learning so that students can learn effectively, emphasizing education and self-development to have critical and creative thinking by combining it with modern technology.

Morality– means cultivating values ​​and attitudes that create discipline, focus on creating behavior to be a good person, have ethics, have morals, and live happily in society.

Lead to a better life– means applying the gained knowledge to develop oneself to the most benefit and having morality and ethics in mind for living life in the future by analyzing and searching for correctness and facts in life.

Sam’ Tech’s Vision:

Samut Prakan College of Commerce and Technology creates potential in learning technology, has professional excellence, and aims to be competitive internationally with sufficiency.  Just promote the volunteer spirit of students to be satisfactory to the labor market and community.

Sam’ Tech’s Mission:

1. Focus on developing learning management to increase the professional potential of students.

2. Organize teaching and learning that promotes the philosophy of sufficiency economy and volunteerism of students.

3. Promote participation both inside and outside educational institutions in managing education to meet the need of labor markets and community.

4. Promote the development of teachers and personnel in communication, technology and innovation in teaching and learning effectively.

5. Aim to promote and provide learners with foreign language learning skills.

6. Cultivate learners to behave according to the roles and responsibilities of Thai citizens as global citizen.

1. Learners have potential according to professional education standards.

2. Learners have a volunteer spirit and apply the philosophy of sufficiency economy to life.

3. The labor market and community are satisfied with the quality of learners.

4. Teachers and personnel have received development in communication, technology, and innovation in teaching and learning effectively.

5. Learners have learning skills in foreign languages.

6.  Learners behave according to the roles and duties of Thai citizens and global citizens towards the international level.

Identity and Uniqueness of Sam’ Tech

Identity: Outstanding activities lead to express true oneself.

Outstanding activities – mean that graduates have knowledge by conducting various projects and activities in every field of interested studies, having learning skills, thinking creatively, to adapt, and behave
in a way that is beneficial to the public as well develop their potential, and be desirable persons for workplace under the word

Lead to express true oneself – means that graduates have the courage to express themselves positively and creatively, have the potential in both professional knowledge in building good interpersonal relationships, and the ability to communicate effectively with modern technology.

Uniqueness: Knowledge and Morality

Knowledge -means that learners have an effective learning process and develop oneself to be creative and critical thinking person. Having wisdom with knowledge and skills of various modern technologies.

Morality – means that learners have good values and attitudes. Having self-discipline, good behavior and ethics. Live happily together in their community and society.